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Self Quarantine? Do These Things to Make You Stay Focus Illustration: Self Quarantine. (Photo : google image)

TIMESBALI, JAKARTA – Lots of people have self quarantine themselves for the best, especially during this coronavirus outbreak. Some people would feel like the world has fallen, it makes them overanxious, overwhelmed and distressed.

Those things will makes your health condition even worse. So, to get your mood back you could follow these activities.

1. Do your hobby

Just think that your world is getting smaller and left only no bigger than your room. If you love gardening, you could bring your flower to your room and take care of them. Of if you like to fix things, you could do a craft or something you like.

2. Do not take all information you get from the internet.

You better get yourself away from any information related to coronavirus, especially those you get from the internet.

3. Text your friend and families

Being alone in your room doesn't mean that you're are really alone. There are people in your phone that are waiting for your smile and ready to share their happiness, even encourage and supporting you.

4. Grounding

Sound like when you being grounded by your parents in the old days. Meh!! Well our parents always asked us to think about what we've done, right? And that's also the way you need to do on your grounding moment. Embrace yourself, love yourself, and give your mind a peace.

So, by the time your feet ready to go back and do the cha-cha after self quarantine, you will have the best courage in your life.

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