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TIMESBALI, JAKARTA – Social distancing rule or lockdown has made several people filling their refrigerator to the fullest. But, sometime they just don't know how to arrange the food into order to make it food stay longer. So, taken from Antara these are several tips for you.

1. Boil your food such as beans, broccoli for 30 seconds before you put it in the freezer.

2. Mince some vegetables such as carrot before you sent them to your freezer.

3. You could also wrap some of your veggies with tissue then put it in a container before you put it in the refrigerator.

4. You could also turn them into pickles. Put them in a clean jar and add some vinegar and vegetable oil in it. Adding two or three clove of garlic and clove flower could help to make the taste spicier.

5. You could also turned the veggies into a puree which you could directly use to make some vegetable nugget or added them to your meat ball dough.

6. For the dairy product such as cheese and milk, you better keep them at the back side of the refrigerator away from the door. The inside part of refrigerator tend to have a cooler temperature than those which close to the door.

7. Never put your potato, garlic and onion in your refrigerator or they will be rotten soon. Keep them out side of your refrigerator to keep your food stay longer.

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