Javanese Joker Laughed at Festival Mbois 4.0 Malang

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Javanese Joker Laughed at Festival Mbois 4.0 Malang Javanese Joker at Festival Mbois 4.0 Malang. (Picture by: Widya Amalia/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBALI, MALANG – There was a hectic at Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Kayutangan, Malang on Sunday night (10/11/2019). Dozens of dancers were dancing on the street along the Kayutangan area on Festival Mbois 4.0.

There were also 6 young dancers dressed up in Joker mode and wear a make up like Joker do. They were dancing and jumping around while laughing and entertaining the audience.

They seems like a bouncing ball running here and there without being tired. The audience laugh to see their cute and funny way of dancing.

Thousands of audience from kids to the older lining up along the Basuki Rahmat street to see their performance. Some foreign tourists were also spotted watching the event and took their pict.

These 6 young dancers are professional dancers from the local studio. They had been practicing a lot for this event to entertain the audience.

"Kayutangan is planned to be the next Malioboro of Malang. And this Festival is one of trial before this place turned to be the next Malioboro," Ardiansyah Akbar, the Vice Director of the project said on Monday (11/11/2019).

Beside the Javanese Joker show, there is also Ken Arok ballet which tell us the story of how Ken Arok (former King in Malang) fights against the bad people for his peasant were also performed on the Festival Mbois 4.0.

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